Summer 2021:
ERS Pre-Launch Data Hackathon + Theory Webbinar

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The ERS Pre-Launch Data Hackathon (21-25 June 2021) and ERS Theory Webbinar (weekly starting July 1) are designed both to train upcoming scientists in relevant tools and concepts and to facilitate development of new code and analyses, all in preparation for the important new lens that Webb will provide for studying exoplanet atmospheres. Although our central focus is on preparing for the expected datasets from the ERS program, we encourage broad participation from scientists throughout the exoplanet community and aim for all events to be as inclusive and welcoming as possible. Register here!. visual outline of the three key steps of going from detector pixels to stellar spectra, from stellar spectra to fitted planetary features, and from fitted planetary features to inferred properties of planetary atmospheres

Details for the Pre-launch Data Hackathon

Details for the Theory Webbinar

Future Workshops

We plan to hold additional data challenge workshops after JWST's launch both (1) to test instrument-specific analysis and interpretation tools on end-to-end simulations of the ERS datasets and (2) to present and compare independent analyses of the actual Early Release Science observations. The dates of these meetings will be tied to JWST's launch, which is assumed below to be in October 2021.

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