Code of Conduct

The JWST Early Release Science (ERS) team is dedicated to providing an equitable, inclusive, and harassment-free experience for everyone participating in the ERS collaboration or in ERS-organized activities. We will not tolerate harassment, abusive behavior, intimidation, or bullying in any form, particularly as they align along axes of race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, age, religion, or disability.

All members of the ERS team and participants ERS activities must avoid these behaviors and must abide by the statements in the AAS Code of Ethics. Individuals who violate this code may be reported to the ERS collaboration, to the AAS, and/or to their own institutions for disciplinary action. Following review and discussion with an appropriate subset of the ERS Science Council, disciplinary actions from the ERS team may include exclusion from events, removal from the collaboration, and denial of authorship on ERS team works.

If you experience/observe a violation of the code of ethics, behavior that you otherwise find potentially troublesome, or a situation you simply feel you need to discuss, please contact one or more of the following ERS team leaders -- Natalie Batalha, Zach Berta-Thompson, Mercedes López-Morales, Hannah Wakeford, Laura Kreidberg -- via email, slack, phone, or any other communication channel with which you are comfortable. We will work to address any issues you bring up in direct consultation with you, with an appropriate subset of the Science Council, and potentially with ombuds or equity experts at our own institutions. We will follow your wishes for privacy and confidentiality, although for some issues we may be required to notify our own institutional equity offices.